Forests are categorized as rainforests based on rain fall. As such, rainforests are forests with very high levels of rainfall of about 68 to 78 inches per year. There are two main types of rainforests, which are classified based on location. These are tropical rainforests and temperate...



Deforestation refers to clearing, destroying or removing natural forests. Deforestation occurs by burning, cutting or logging depending on the method of tree clearance used. Due to increased populations, more demand for food, greater agricultural subsistence, increased exports, industrial and...

Save Rainforest

Why Save the Rainforest?

The Environment

It is almost impossible to talk about rainforests and the environment without mentioning the Amazon. The Amazon rainforest is frequently described as the lungs of the world because of the important function of the rainforest trees in absorbing carbon dioxide, transforming it into solid carbon and trapping this solid carbon in the trunks for hundreds and hundreds of years. The earth’s temperature is therefore kept healthy by rainforests and regulated. The impact of the Amazon rainforest is this extensive because of its size, estimated at about 25 times the size of Britain. Form a more general standpoint however, trees in rainforests help maintain air moisture and decrease heat not only by providing a protective covering but by recycling water vapor which is released in the atmosphere, thereby promoting cloud formation and rainfall. Lack of rainfall causes droughts which can have devastating effects on plant, animal and human life.

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Food and Water

Without trees and rainforests there are no roots to uphold the soil, and without rain and the right conditions for water retention, rivers become few or even nonexistent. Large amounts of fresh water provide habitats for fish which is an important source of food. Many salt water fishes go upstream rivers which flow all the way from interior rain forests in order to lay eggs. These fish provide food for bears, birds and other animals, and are source of many healthy mineral compounds found in the sea. Life should not be only about tinned foods manufactures in factories and packed with preservatives for long shelf life. Natural fruits and vegetable provide all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for strong bodies with properly functioning brains for good memory and learning, strong bones and beautiful skin. Antioxidants found in natural fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants which ward off and destroy toxins in the body. Water is life; one may survive a day or two without water, but dehydration which leads to death is eminent after a certain length of time.

Alternative Medicine

Lots of remedies and cures, both natural and synthetic contain plant compounds. If all forests and rainforests were to be destroyed, the earth would be sure of losing a wealthy source of medicine. Traditional herbal medicines used by locals and indigenous tribes make these people invaluable sources of knowledge where herbal and rainforest medicines are concerned.

Natural Beauty

Rain forests are beautiful places. There are thousands of flowers, fruits, insects and animals that are endemic to certain regions and territories. These species do not only add color to natural surroundings, but help gives countries their distinct identity and features, as many plants and animals can only be found in specific places. Rainforests are beautiful and remind us of the importance of sharing and peacefulness because of ecosystems and the interdependent relationships that exist between all life forms.

There are so many reasons why we should save the rainforests. Given what is at stake- our health, earth and life- saving the rainforests may mean regulating development in a way that is friendly to the environment and does not destroy rainforests. Saving the rainforests goes hand in hand with using products that are biodegradable, recycling to reduce waste and building sustainable economies. Using renewable energy is a manner in which we can help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the air given the widespread reduction of rainforests and trees. Planting trees that would over the years grow and provide the protection and beneficial ecosystems that communities and regions once had is also a way of starting to minimize the effects of the destruction that rainforests have undergone as well as slowing down deforestation. Many governments and international organizations have established rules for conserving rainforests, whilst certain natural and historical sites are designated national parks and world heritage sites. Many policies have also been implemented for building standards and setting limits to the areas where houses, factories and hotels can be built so as to protect rainforests from human intervention.

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